Corbett News

14th October 2013
Bijrani zone will be open by 17th Oct in Corbett National Park:
Sitavani Safari is now Corbett landscape safari in Corbett Tiger Reserve

Again a good news for wildlife lovers. Corbett Bijrani zone will be opening in 17th October and a good news for tour operators that Sitavani zone is now declared as a tourism zone of Corbett. Entry and guide fee will be same for sitavani zone like other zones of corbett. It may be a bad news for tourists as sitavani forest was a free zone and there was no entry fee for sitavani forest. Now sitavani safari will also cost around INR3200/- per jeep or more for tourist.

15th September 2013
Poacher (Bawariya Giroh) arrested in Corbett National Park:
Most wanted Poacher in Corbett Tiger Reserve

01 Sept 2013
Leopard Attack to Villagers in Corbett National Park:
Man eater leopard in Corbett Tiger Reserve

27 Jan 2011
Again shocking news from Corbett National Park:

Man eater in Corbett Tiger Reserve :

Two incidents of local women being mauled and partially eaten by a tiger in and around the Corbett National Park's Sarapduli Range, have thrown the area into terror. Forest officials fearing that this big cat may have turned man-eater.
The key question officials are trying to answer is whether the attacks came from the same tiger or they are different. They say if that is indeed the case, Corbett may have a man-eater foul up deal with. Corbett National Park's warden U C Tiwari told on Friday‘‘At the moment, we have no decisive grounds either way,’’
The incidents have come within six days of each other; the spots sorted by just 8-10km as the crow flies. On Thursday Kalpha Mehra a 30-year-old woman was mauled to death at Chukam village near the eastern boundary of Corbett Tiger Reserve when she had gone to the jungle to collect forage.
The first incident took place on November 12 in the buffer zone of sarapduli range of Corbett National Park . The victim, Nanda Devi, was attacked around 1200 noon as she was returning to Sundarkhal village. Significantly, both bodies were half-eaten when villagers found them.
The tiger has been identified as a female involved in the Sundarkhal killing. According to park warden Mr. Tiwari "We spent the entire day looking for the tiger in that area but didn’t find her. There are no clues either to suggest that the tiger had crossed over into the second incident's place that is Ramnagar forest. The somplest way of finding out if both kills were the handiwork of same tiger would have been to match the pug-marks. But unfortunately, villagers swamped the spot after Thursday’s incident, destroying all pug-marks,’’. Tiwari added trap cages had been set up around the suspected area. Forest guards have been put on night patrol there in the village. Tiger experts have said further investigations need to be conducted into the context and manner of the two attacks. ‘‘Though for a tiger to travel 10 to 15km is nothing unusual, it would be premature to call the animal a man-eater’’Said Qamar Qureshi of Dehradun’s Wildlife Institute of India. 

12 March 2011

Bad News from Corbett National Park :
One more man killed in Sunderkhal : Today on 12 Mar.2011, again the same man eater tiger attacked and killed a man around the same area of Sundarkhal village in Corbett National Park. This was the seventh person killed in the same region by the man eater tiger. This incident also proves that the Tiger killed by CTR admin before a month was not a man eater and that was a big mistake done by CTR admin. We are going to take more updates from the spot. Keep reading this page for more updates.....